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Stand back! I'm going to try science.
The real EF Lavender.
Sure, there are still battles to be fought, but today was the Allies marching triumphantly into Paris. We still have the German homeland to face, but we know we will win that battle. When you read Kennedy's opinion, it is clear the war is essentially over. This case is the opinion that every future marriage equality case will cite. It may, in fact, be what the Roberts Court will be remembered for in the future. Well, that and the four most conservative justices being a wholly-owned subsidiary of the US Chamber of Commerce.

Justice Kennedy's majority opinion, which grounded the ruling in the 5th Amendment's equal protection clause, pretty much says that will be the same ruling when someone married in a state that recognizes marriage equality sues because their marriage was not recognized by another state. If equal protection means the Federal Government has to recognize all marriages, then equal protection and the full faith and credit clause will require states to recognize them as well. I will not be shocked if Kennedy writes that opinion too.

This is why I was shocked by Chief Justice Roberts' dissent. I had expected that once Kennedy joined with the courts moderates that Roberts would join as well. I figured the twin drives of being on the right side of history, and being able to better control the majority opinion would have been enough to get him to switch.

On a separate, but related note, I am very happy to hear that President Obama called Edith Windsor to give her the news personally. I am also pleased to learn that Edith Windsor will be leading New York's Pride Parade this weekend.

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SCOTUS will almost certainly dismiss Hollingsworth v. Perry for lack of standing. Doing anything else does not make sense, as the Pro-Prop 8 groups that filed the appeal do not have standing. In order for the court to rule on the merits of the case, they first have to agree that the appellants have standing, which no one appears to want to do. This is actually good, as the people who would most likely reverse the appeals court, and rule Prop 8 valid, are among the most adamant about rejecting standing. Also, from the oral arguments today on DOMA, it's clear that there is definitely not (yet) a majority for a fundamental right to marry ruling that would bring marriage equality to all 50 states. On the positive side, it looks very strongly that there is a solid majority of the court that will strike down DOMA on either a Federalism, and/or an equal protection argument.

So, my bet is Hollingsworth v. Perry is dismissed for lack of standings, and the weddings in California start back up. I'm fairly certain we won't have to wait 'till the end of the session for that opinion. I would not be surprised if that opinion was two pages written by one of the Chief Justice's clerks and signed by all the justices. Then towards the end of the session we'll see a 6-3 opinion overturning DOMA. The six in that case will split between those who want to overturn DOMA on for Equal Protection and Federalism causes, and those who make a strict Federalism case. That split will tell you who's not willing to find that fundamental right to marriage.

Over the next few years, more states will recognize marriage equality. The next big case the court takes up on this issue will probably revolve around a couple that was legally married in a state that recognizes marriage equality, who then moves to, or have dealings with, a state that doesn't, and refused to recognize their marriage. That case will then establish that the Full Faith and Credit Clause (US Constitution Article IV, Section 1) trumps state constitutions that ban recognizing same-sex marriage. My guess is that the next session will see the court take up a case where a same-sex couple in a state that does not recognize marriage equality sues because their State's refusal to allow them to marry prevents them from receiving equal protection and treatment from the Federal Government.

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A Lovecraft Christmas

Journal Entry: Dec 2
I have returned home after a long time away. Time seems not to have touched Arkham very much. Oh you'll see the occasional cell phone on the street but the old-timers who sit around at the hardware store seem to be the same ones that sat there in my youth. I've spent so much time in diverse corners of the world seeking the strange and unusual that even my childhood home seems quaint and curious in the same way that Yoruba tribesmen do. I find myself having to bite my tongue whenever I get the urge to ask the natives to explain their customs. New England reticence is something I'm having to relearn.

For example. I'm staying at the old ancestral home and it's quiet enough to enable me to study. It's also remote enough to allow me to cast a spell or two in the back yard without being observed. But every time I venture into town I am struck by small changes there. Townsfolk, whom I suppose are trying to be friendly, keep asking me if I'm "Getting ready for the Holidays." I'm not aware of any particular holidays. Perhaps there's some sort festival in the offing. I shall ask.

Journal Entry: Dec 4
It would seem that there is some sort of winter festival. When I inquired I was looked at strangely and avoided but finally I did get a straight answer. I've also noted some strange behavior in town. People seem to be smiling...a lot. They seem to be extremely busy and carrying a lot of suspicious parcels.

Journal Entry: Dec 13
I've observed a strange ritual. Last night, two husky men came onto the back of my property and cut down a pine tree. Taking up my shotgun to deal with the trespassers, I watched as they dragged the tree back to their car. Was that all they had come for? Had they broken the law merely to steal a tree? Fascinated and horrified, I followed them back to their home. They took the tree off their car and took it into their house. Watching from the bushes, I observed the tree thieves as they began to cover their ill-gotten foliage with strange blinking lights and odd icons of some sort. Is this some sort of odd cult activity? Perhaps some bizarre fertility ritual. (Shub?!?) Is the tree supposed to be an Altar? Sacrifice? Antenna? More study is required.

Journal Entry: Dec 16
This cult is far more widespread than I suspected was possible. Much of the town appears to have been affected. I am considering summoning help. Many of the townsfolk seem to be smiling that same insipid smile. I am beginning to worry. I walking through town assembling some notes about this phenomenon when I went into a department store for more paper. A large man in a red suit and a bushy white beard stared at me and rang a small bell. He seemed to want me to make some offering to a small bucket on a tripod and gave me a hard look when I didn't. I asked the manager if there was a back way out of the store.

Journal Entry: Dec 17
Had a bad turn today. Found that the maid had erected one of those tree altars in the living room. Was terrified beyond comprehension by the thing. Frankly she was completely non-plussed at my reaction. "But it's traditional." she said. I was forced to dismiss her.

Journal Entry: Dec 19
My private library has proven useless for this "Winter Festival". I must brave going into town again and attempting research in the public library. I fear time is growing short somehow...and this is compounded by the snow which is coming down very hard now. I fear I will be snowed in if this keeps up.

Journal Entry: Dec 20 I am filled with horror. Venturing into town to use the library, I encountered the man in the red suit again. He was speaking very intently to a very small child who was rapt in attention at his words. I hurried along before he could notice me. I arrived at the Library and presented myself as an anthropologist studying the basis of this local "Winter Festival" I was looked at quizzically, but directed well by the young lady at the desk. Apparently this cult is very old and it's practices are particularly gruesome. It apparently started with the Celts (who died out by the way) It's now masquerading as the festival of the birth of some Christian martyr. but it's practices are very suspicious. I'm having to read between the lines of course, but I'm seeing a terrifying pattern here. There's apparently some flying creature with claws. (The translation here may be flawed) It goes forth once per year to reward the faithful and punish the transgressors. It particularly likes "sweets" ( which I take to mean sweetbreads...Horrible!) and will consume these offerings if they are left for him. Apparently no home is proof against this horrific beast who is able to invade through the smallest fireplace (Significance? Hastur relationship?) The faithful are also enjoined to put up stockings up on the mantel and they will be "filled." I can only assume with the severed legs of the "bad little children". There is also some sort of connection to a "Snowman" (Ithaqua? It must be!) This finally explains the bizarre patterns in the snow and odd snow sculptures all over town. As I walked home, trying to make some sense of this horrific puzzle. I saw the man in red again. He seems to be everywhere. Is he following me?

Journal Entry: Dec 21
I had bad dreams last night. The Man in Red had invaded my home with a very large sack. To what end I don't know. I woke up screaming when he turned and I recognized his face. This was not the only strange thing that I encountered. As the snow dashed my hopes of leaving town before this hideous ritual could take place. I began to knock around the house. I discovered that the refrigerator has become home to strange foodstuffs. I found a pitcher of some odd smelling spicy fluid which looked like milk gone bad. I also found an odd cake like substance with unidentifiable red and green THINGS in it. I was forced to dismiss the cook. These cultists are everywhere but at least I have the house to myself.

Journal Entry: Dec 22
Had the dream again. Will this nightmare ever cease? I also had visions of... something dancing in my head. I can feel a horrific change coming over me. It's slow and pernicious but I'm beginning to feel it's effects. I saw myself in the mirror today and I didn't recognize myself. I had that SMILE on my face... No it's not even a smile, it's more of a rictus. It took some effort to wipe it from my face. I found myself in front of the fridge looking at the fluid and the evil looking cake.... wondering what they tasted like. I fear for my immortal soul.

Journal Entry: Dec 23
Last night as I was trying to calm myself by the fire. (which I keep burning all the time now.) I heard the high piping voices of the cultists outside my door. They were singing to me...In Latin! Something about "Come all ye faithful" or somesuch. I was filled with such fear that I was forced to retreat to the basement where I sat and trembled until they finally went away. I wanted to go to them....I wanted... No. Best not to think about that now.

Journal Entry: Dec 24
This may be my last entry. I have dealt with some horrifying things in my life but this is far too much to handle alone. I am forced to take drastic measures. I have taken a few household chemicals and rigged a primitive detonator which I can trigger from the garage. It should kill anything in the house...At least that is my hope. I can feel the "Christmas Spirit" trying to take over my body and I want no part of it. I'll either kill the Flying Klaws or I'll freeze to death out here. Lose the house or lose my life. It's a small price to pay to end this pernicious menace.

original from Pete Sears
The Templeton Institute of Advanced Human Dynamics
http://home1.gte.net/revk/index.htm found on newsnet

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Right now, I am very pissed! Back in February, I got what I thought was a good deal on a 4/4 violin on eBay. Not knowing any better, I thought I made out well when it arrived. I finally bought a better case for it, as I'm planning on taking lessons starting next week. The new case arrived, and my "violin" is too big. What I was sold as a violin was a viola. since this is an Irish fiddle class, the viola is worthless. So, I guess I get to start all over, but I won't be ready for the first lesson on Tuesday. Frell!

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I think this would be a marvelous thing to have: RANSOM OLD TOM GIN - Shoppers Vineyard

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Our PROPOSED grievances
Posted on October 7, 2011 by occupychiadmin

1.PASS HR 1489 REINSTATING GLASS-STEAGALL. – A depression era safeguard that separated the commercial lending and investment banking portions of banks. Its repeal in 1999 is considered the major cause of the global financial meltdown of 2008-2009.


3. FULLY INVESTIGATE AND PROSECUTE THE WALL STREET CRIMINALS who clearly broke the law and helped cause the 2008 financial crisis.

4.OVERTURN CITIZENS UNITED v. US. – A 2010 Supreme Court Decision which ruled that money is speech. Corporations, as legal persons, are now allowed to contribute unlimited amounts of money to campaigns in the exercise of free “speech.”






10. INSIST THE FEC STAND UP FOR THE PUBLIC INTEREST IN REGULATING PRIVATE USE OF PUBLIC AIRWAVES to help ensure that political candidates ARE GIVEN EQUAL TIME for free at reasonable intervals during campaign season.


12. FORGIVE STUDENT DEBT – The same institutions that gave almost $2T in bailouts and then extended $16T of loans at little to no interest for banks can surely afford to forgive the $946B of student debt currently held. Not only does this favor the 99% over the 1%, it has the practical effect of more citizens spending money on actual goods, not paying down interest.

Secret Sauce: Occupy Chicago

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We really need to tell them to hold their Tea Party at a FEMA re-education camp.

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